Wildfire Preparedness for 4th Grade Students in Butte County!

The goal of this program is to help 4th-grade students in Butte County better understand how to prepare for wildfire and help protect their homes.

Lesson Plans

Day 1: Evacuation
Students will learn how to evacuate a building if their house is on fire and establish a meetup location.

Day 2: Fire Fuels

Students will learn to identify fire fuels and understand which kinds of materials fire likes to burn.

Day 3: First Five Feet
Be a hero; clear Zone Zero! Students will learn the importance of keeping the first five feet around their homes clear of fire fuels.
Day 4: Go Bags
Students will learn the importance of having a Go Bag prepared for all family members and pets. They will also learn what should go inside a Go Bag.
Day 5: Fire Extinguishers
The final day of the program will help students learn how to effectively use a fire extinguisher and why it’s important to have one nearby.


Day 1 : Evacuation Video



















Day 5: Fire Extinguisher Video