Helping Property Owners Protect Their Homes

Hey there, Butte County residents! I’m Max DSI, your friendly neighborhood CAL FIRE Defensible Space Inspector. I’m here to talk to you about something truly important: how to protect your home and family from wildfires. The key lies in creating defensible space, a buffer area created between a building on your property and the grass, trees, shrubs, or any wildland area surrounding it.

Zone Zero

In this video, Max shows how you can be a hero by clearing Zone Zero! Zone Zero is another name for the first five feet around your home or structure attached to it. It’s important to keep this Zone clear from anything flammable to prevent fire from reaching your home.

Learn more about Zone Zero here.

Zone One

Zone One extends from the outer edge of Zone Zero out 30 feet. In this Zone, keep grass short, remove dead bushes and shrubs, and keep your branches trimmed. Also be sure to space out your plantings so fire doesn’t have a direct line to your home.

Learn more about Zone One here.

Zone Two

This Zone is the area 30 feet to 100 feet from your home. In this area, clear dead and dying vegetation, and remove all dead vegetation within 10 feet of the roadside. Be sure to give your firewood a clearance of 10 feet in every direction. 

Learn more about Zone Two here.

Have questions or concerns about wildfires?

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. I can help connect you with the resources you need, starting with how to create defensible space. Just go to to learn how.

Wondering what a Defensible Space Inspector does?

Hint: it’s in the name of my position! As a Defensible Space Inspector, my focus is on two things: inspecting properties and educating the public on how to create defensible space.

Where can you find Defensible Space Inspectors?

When not on the job visiting properties, you can find us wherever CAL Fire is at community events! We go to career days, fairs, school visits, and more with CAL FIRE to teach locals how to make their properties safer in the event of a wildfire emergency.

Did you know that when you create defensible space on your property, there’s a better chance of it surviving a wildfire?

It’s why I’m here to give you the deets you need to create the “Max-imum” amount of protection for your home against fires!

What is my goal?

Helping homeowners get ready for fire season and create defensible space. I’m here to share important information you can use to help defend your home against wildfires.

What can you do to help?

Be a home hero and help protect your property and community by taking the right steps to prevent wildfires. Head to to learn more about them. You can save lives without needing a cape!  And remember, the more people who know about wildfire safety, the safer our communities can be. So be sure to share with your friends!