Why is it important to know my zone?

In the event of a wildfire emergency, the Sheriff’s Department is the primary agency to order evacuations (it’s not the Fire Department! They’re responsible for saving people and property). A zone system for evacuations has been put into place for Butte County to make such evacuations happen successfully and safely.

What is a zone?

A zone is a portion of the county designated as one in which the layout and population make for an ideal and orderly evacuation scenario.

How do I find my zone?

You can find your zone by entering your zip code here:

How to read your zone number

Look at the last three digits of your Evacuation Zone ID to find your zone number.


Sign Up for Code Red Emergency Notifications

Code Red notifications will alert you to wildfire threats and any other emergency situations declared in Butte County. Alerts come through as text messages, so you’ll get them right away.

How do I find my zone?