When you need to evacuate, it’s crucial to know where to go. Use the links below to locate the Evacuation Map for your town or city. Print it out and memorize the evacuation routes available. Be sure to include this map in your Go-Bag, and practice the various routes a few times a year so you’re familiar with them. Remember, your preferred route may be blocked due to fire or debris, so be prepared to follow other routes or temporary new ones as dictated by evacuation personnel.

Butte County Disaster Preparedness

Berry Creek

Butte Creek/Butte Valley

Cohasset/Richardson Springs

Forbestown/Clipper Mills/Feather Falls/Robinson Mill/Hurleton

Forest Ranch/Butte Meadows

Paradise/Upper Ridge

Yankee Hill Area

East Oroville, Bangor, Palermo and Cherokee

South Butte County