What is CodeRED and Why You Should Sign Up for It

Get Immediate Access to Vital Community Warnings

“Code red.” You’ve heard the term in movies, and it means the same thing in real life—something important and potentially dangerous is happening. Butte County has an exclusive “CodeRED” text messaging system set up to alert residents of critical situations.

Local authorities will get disaster information out to the public as quickly as they can, and CodeRED is one such method designed to help spread information faster, allowing you to take action and get to safety as quickly as possible.   

Covering a range of possibilities

Wildfire notices are Butte County’s primary reason for developing the CodeRED system, but CodeRED also includes such events as evacuations, floods, bio-terrorism alerts, boil water notices, missing child reports, and anything else determined to be of vital importance to the community.

Immediate, essential information

Because it’s text-based, CodeRED notifications come to you instantly on your mobile phone, giving you the time you need to react to the situation at hand. Since texts travel via cellular data, CodeRED messages can get through even when internet is down.

Sign up for CodeRED today. Along with other emergency alert systems in Butte County, it’s one more way to get ready, so you can be ready when wildfires or other emergency situations arise.