Valuable Lessons We Learned from the Camp Fire

As we reflect on five years, refresh your memory on fire safety

The infamous Camp Fire happened five years ago, but the memory of it is still strong throughout Butte County. Many people died, more than 18,000 structures were destroyed, and the towns of Paradise and Concow were nearly obliterated—all due to an electrical line malfunction. 

Learning from tragedy

While we can never forget this level of tragedy, it is possible to learn from it and find ways to honor those who lost their lives by making sure it never happens again.

The Camp Fire inspired a sense of resolve throughout our communities to get serious about fire prevention and preparedness—and we’ve come a long way in the years since. The Be Ready, Butte! initiative rose out of the ashes of the Camp Fire with resources and information geared toward educating ourselves about how to protect against the risks and realities of wildfire and protecting our communities in the process.

As we reflect on five years, make sure you’ve done all you can to prevent fires today and continue to prepare just in case:

Never forget

As we mark the anniversary of the worst wildfire in California history, let’s not forget everything we’ve learned. And when authorities call for an evacuation, be ready to get out.

It’s never a bad time for a refresher on fire safety, so take some time to explore the Be Ready, Butte! website and blog, and always keep your entire household up to speed on fire prevention, fire preparedness, and exactly what to do during an actual fire event.