Tips for Having Fire-safe Summer Fun

Enjoy the warm weather while keeping our community safe

Remember when we talked about how to avoid starting winter fires during the holidays? Well, it’s time to move our discussion into the hot weather of summer and take a look at how to say fire-safe while enjoying your favorite seasonal activities. Check out these tips for summer fire prevention during the holiday and all season long.

A Fire-safe Fourth of July

Let’s start with an obvious one—Independence Day. The last thing you want to do on a hot, dry, Fourth of July is to set off fireworks literally created to throw off embers. 

Rather than setting off fireworks at home, consider going to see a full-scale professional fireworks show, carefully monitored by fire crews. If you’d rather avoid crowds, gather family and friends around a big screen TV and check out one of the great shows streaming every year. There are alternatives for some driveway or backyard fun, too!

  • Bendable Glow Sticks and Bracelets: Kids love charging around, waving these bright and colorful wearables.
  • Lanterns: Have a parade of colorful LED lanterns.
  • DIY Light Show: Decorate with fun red, white, and blue light displays.
  • Blow Bubbles: There are all sorts of fun gadgets available for blowing bubbles these days.
  • Homemade Confetti: Get some colorful, recyclable paper (or punchable leaves) and make some confetti to fill the air on Independence Day.

And here’s a really interesting one—Bubble Wrap®. Everyone loves popping Bubble Wrap. On Independence Day, lay sheets of it on the ground and have fun stomping on it and having little ones ride their tricycles over it. And don’t let your inner environmentalist get upset. Bubble Wrap is completely recyclable—just not in your regular curbside bin. Plenty of stores collect it from the public.

Now, let’s look at some other potentially flammable summer fun.

Fire-safe outdoor activities

Whether it’s camping out, backyard grilling, or setting up a DIY project on the driveway, enjoying some time outside can pose fire risks. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Campfires: Be sure to use Smokey Bear’s rules for campfires, especially the “Drown. Stir. Drown.” method for putting them out.
  • Campsite Cooking: Follow all the safety procedures recommended by the manufacturer of your camping stove.
  • BBQs/Grilling: Do not dump coals. Cover the grill and leave the coals in the grill to cool for 48 hours; then soak them to be sure no hot spots remain before disposing of the ash.
  • Towing Trailers/Boats: Don’t drag chains—they could cause sparks, igniting roadside fires.
  • Power Tools: Enjoy your DIY projects in the damper early hours of the day. Electricity and dry vegetation aren’t a good combination

To put it all in Be Ready, Butte! terms: GET ready to BE ready for a fun and fire-safe summer! For more tips on summer fire prevention, check out our handy seasonal checklists.