It’s summer! Get your FREE Seasonal Disaster Checklist

In Butte County, we’ve experienced wildfire at many different times of the year—late fall, the middle of summer, and even in winter. Since we never know when an emergency may come, it’s important to keep your home prepared year-round. 

To help your family get ready for these summer months ahead, we’ve created a FREE Summer Disaster Checklist you can download and tackle with the whole family. Although it’s too hot for climbing around on your roof, there are plenty of other fire preparedness and defensible space actions you can take. For example, you can mow your grass in cool, early mornings before it gets too hot. You can also make sure your plants are watered as often as possible!

Remember: you have to get ready to be ready. Download your Summer Disaster Checklist now!

P.S. Fall is just around the corner. Get all four Seasonal Disaster Checklists here!