Give the Gift of “Go”: Holiday Gift Ideas

Nothing says “happy holidays” more than protection and peace of mind

You might not think of Be Ready, Butte! as a source for holiday gift ideas, but you might be surprised. Celebrate a fire-safe holiday season by helping friends and family “Get ready to be ready” in the event of a fire. The following four ideas mean your loved ones will get the greatest gift of all this holiday season: peace of mind.

Give the gift of “Go!”

Get everybody in your family excited about the idea of prepping a Go Bag by getting everyone on your list a special, fun duffel bag or backpack: cartoon characters, sports teams, rock stars, TV shows, or whatever everyone is interested in. And don’t forget animal-themed bags for your pets!

Give the gift of gear.

Odds are you’ve already bought everyone socks and underwear—so why not make them Go Bag ready? Get everybody started on filling their new bags with stocking stuffers like toiletries, non-perishable snacks, first aid kits, and other essential items. Pets, of course, will need their own gifts as well.

Give the gift of gardening.

Have someone on your list who isn’t particularly handy with tools or landscaping? Help them out with the gift of some yard tools ar a coupon to spend time showing them how to create defensible space.

Give the gift of getting ready.

Speaking of time—if you’re someone who has taken the Be Ready, Butte! initiative to heart, consider offering to help someone who’s a bit overwhelmed by, or not physically able to do much about, preparation. For instance, offer to help a confused friend map out an evacuation plan. Or maybe you have older neighbors and can make a family project to help them with defensible space or home hardening.

Part of the Be Ready, Butte! mission is helping one another better understand fire safety. The holidays are a great time to show people the importance of fire safety by showing them how important their safety is to you.