Don’t Set Your Pumpkins on Fire: Halloween Fire Safety

Halloween? Yep, this one is about fire safety and Halloween.

We know, we know. This blog might feel like a buzz-kill with all our warnings on how to do things safely. But please keep in mind, Be Ready, Butte isn’t about a bunch of fire nerds hassling you, it’s about coming together to keep one another safe from wildfires like the ones that have already scared and scarred our community.

Put simply: Halloween + Flames + Flammable Stuff = Scary Possibilities. So, here are some tips for a safe (and still fun) Halloween.

Be fire-smart about decorating

Eerie lighting is part of the fun at Halloween, but it doesn’t have to be dangerous:

  • Jack-O-Lanterns: Consider battery-operated candles in your carved pumpkins; there are great ones these days that even simulate a real flame.
  • Indoor Candles: We’ve all heard pumpkin spice jokes about this time of year, but pumpkin spice candle fires are no joke. Keep scented candles away from places where they can get knocked over or get too close to costumes.
  • Décor: Dried vegetation decorations are popular at Halloween—just make sure to keep them away from flames and heat. Fake spider webs are especially flammable and can pose additional stressors for birds who may get tangled and pets who might eat it (our recommendation: skip the webs). And while you’re at it, make sure smoke alarms are tested and running.

Take individual safety seriously

Coming into contact with flames at Halloween can be all too easy:

  • Costumes: Don’t let kids, or yourself, wear a costume that trails behind you. Instead, be a well-tailored ghost or mummy so you don’t accidentally brush against a jack-o-lantern flame or household candle. Also, teach kids how to stop, drop, and roll in case they do pick up a flame (and review how to do it yourself).
  • Flashlights: Forget the authenticity of oil lanterns or torches. If you’re doing some kind of spooky, Halloween woodlands role-playing, flashlights are the way to go.
  • Exit Strategies: If you or your kids are going to a Halloween party, make sure your hosts point out their escape routes in case of fire.

By the way: if those party hosts don’t have escape routes, tell them they can learn about evacuation planning at Be Ready, Butte! And now that you’re up to speed on ways to keep your community safe this time of year, have a safe and spooky Halloween!