Do you know your Zone?

Find it, memorize, use it if necessary.

We share a lot of important fire safety tips at Be Ready, Butte!, but one of the most important things you need to remember as a Butte County resident is your evacuation zone.

What are evacuation zones?

Evacuation zones are different areas of the county that have been established to facilitate orderly evacuations in the case of fire and other emergencies. If there is an emergency in a certain area of the county, the Sheriff’s office can alert that particular zone.

How do I read a zone code?

Evacuation zones are identified by a 3-part code, such as “BUT-TOP-04,” which stands for “Butte, Town of Paradise, Zone 4.” But all you need to remember for any zone you’re concerned about is the number portion of the code—numbers aren’t repeated in any of the codes throughout the county.

How are evacuation zones used?

The Butte County Sheriff’s Office will use zone numbers in order to begin evacuations and to set up an orderly way of bringing people back when an evacuation order is lifted. You should have your zone memorized for quick response should an evacuation order for your community be issued.

Know ALL your relevant zones.

The zone your home is in should be your first priority, but it’s also important to know the zones for your work, your spouse’s work, your kids’ schools, your family members’ houses in the county, and any other person or place whose welfare is of concern to you.

What is my zone?

Finding your relevant zones is simple. All the zones are laid out on a handy evacuation map. The map is also searchable to ensure you’re getting the exact zone numbers you need.

What’s next?

With your refresher on evacuation zones now complete, please send this blog and the evacuation map to friends, family, and neighbors. Awareness goes a long way toward ensuring safe and efficient movement in and out of risk areas should an evacuation be necessary.