Do you know your Zone?

know your zone pamphlet

Find it, memorize, use it if necessary. We share a lot of important fire safety tips at Be Ready, Butte!, but one of the most important things you need to remember as a Butte County resident is your evacuation zone. What are evacuation zones? Evacuation zones are different areas of the county that have been […]

Embers 101: Fires Waiting to Happen

fire with embers

Don’t let embers turn into a disaster! Fireplaces, campfires, and firepits throw off embers, adding a mesmerizing ambiance to an evening. But if you’ve ever had an ember escape your fireplace screen or fly off a campfire onto your skin or clothes, you probably moved faster than you ever thought possible in order to deal […]

Slopes Require Wider Defensible Space

Give your property the space it needs to keep you safe If you live on a sloping property, you already know how much work goes into maintaining it. But did you know living on a slope also raises your level of risk during a wildfire? Heat rises. That means fire, a.k.a. concentrated heat, will rise […]

Winter Fire Safety: 6 Ways to Prevent Fire in Cold & Rainy Weather

Prevent Wildfire Year-Round by Avoiding These Hazards True or False: You don’t have to be concerned about fires when it’s raining or snowing outside. Answer: False. Although it may be cold and wet outside, it’s warm and dry inside your house, so that alone is a reason to stay fire-aware all year round. But there […]

Don’t Set Your Pumpkins on Fire: Halloween Fire Safety

Halloween? Yep, this one is about fire safety and Halloween. We know, we know. This blog might feel like a buzz-kill with all our warnings on how to do things safely. But please keep in mind, Be Ready, Butte isn’t about a bunch of fire nerds hassling you, it’s about coming together to keep one […]