NVADG: Helping Butte County by Helping Their Animals

Caring for the Evacuation Needs of Animals, Large and Small In the 1990s, two Butte area residents passed away during a wildfire because they refused to evacuate without their animals. Determined to never see this happen again, former City of Chico firefighter John Maretti founded the non-profit known as North Valley Animal Disaster Group (NVADG). […]

Sheriff vs. Police vs. Firefighters: who does what in an emergency?

Which Local Authorities Are in Charge During a Wildfire Event? During an active wildfire situation, a lot of people may be shouting what sound like commands and orders. If the shouting is coming from a well-meaning HOA president or the pushiest neighbor on your block, please ignore them and consult one of these three sources: […]

Know the Evacuation Plan and Route for Your Community

There are plenty of very positive and effective things you can do to be ready for a wildfire, such as home hardening and creating defensible space. Just keep in mind, there can come a time during a fire event when those precautions reach the limit of their effectiveness. Sometimes a fire is just too strong, […]

Do you know 2 ways out of your house?

During an active emergency, it’s important to know multiple ways out of your home and community. How to Get Away During an Active Wildfire Getting out of the way when wildfire is heading toward you seems like a simple concept, but it’s not necessarily as easy as it sounds. For instance: 1) fire is unpredictable […]