Understanding Defensible Space: Zone 2

Reduce the fuel and stop fire in its tracks A quick review:Zone Zero is the first 5 feet outside your home. Zone 1 starts at the outer edge of Zone Zero and goes out 30 feet. And now we’re onto Zone 2! So, where is Zone 2 of defensible space located?Zone 2 picks up at […]

Understanding Defensible Space: Zone 1

Take these essential steps to make Zone 1 as fire-unfriendly as possible Quick recap: When it comes to creating defensible space on your property, there are three Zones to clear: Zone 0 (closest to your home), Zone 1 (middle section), and Zone 2 (furthest on your property). Below, learn more about Zone 1. Where is […]

Embers 101: Fires Waiting to Happen

fire with embers

Don’t let embers turn into a disaster! Fireplaces, campfires, and firepits throw off embers, adding a mesmerizing ambiance to an evening. But if you’ve ever had an ember escape your fireplace screen or fly off a campfire onto your skin or clothes, you probably moved faster than you ever thought possible in order to deal […]

Creating Defensible Space Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

Protect your home with what you already have “Defensible space” can sound intimidating, as if it requires digging moats and building castle-style walls around your split-level. But defensible space is more about creating space than it is about building defenses. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and it can easily be a DIY project. It’s […]

Slopes Require Wider Defensible Space

Give your property the space it needs to keep you safe If you live on a sloping property, you already know how much work goes into maintaining it. But did you know living on a slope also raises your level of risk during a wildfire? Heat rises. That means fire, a.k.a. concentrated heat, will rise […]

How to Landscape for Fire Safety in Butte County

Starting your outdoor spring projects? Here are tips for landscaping in a way that protects your property as best as possible from wildfire! California plants have always been prone to fire, but many have evolved over time to survive the consistent yearly fire cycles. You can properly prepare your property and landscaping for fire safety […]

Defensible Space Spotlight: Non-combustible Fencing

When Robert Frost wrote a poem about a guy saying, “Good fences make good neighbors,” that guy probably never had wildfire for a neighbor. Fire gets past fences. And if you have a standard wood fence, spreading fire can turn that fence into a fuse for igniting your home.  In places like Butte County, you […]

Defensible Space Spotlight: What to Put in Those First Five Feet

Being told what you should and shouldn’t do on your own property is a pain. We get it. One of the more puzzling things for a lot of people who live in places like Butte County, where defensible space is required to discourage the spread of wildfire, is being told to maintain an empty, 5-foot, […]

Creating a Plan for Your Defensible Space

Before you create a plan for your defensible space, let’s do a brief review of exactly what defensible space is.  The defensible space concept Defensible space refers to portions of your property laid out and landscaped to discourage fire from progressing toward your home. It includes everything from within 5 feet of empty, non-combustible space […]