Have Your “Go Bag” Ready When “Go Time” Comes

The only thing you should have to think about is grabbing it. Evacuations happen, so be ready for them. We do everything we can to hold wildfire at bay, but there are times when you just have to get out of its way and let firefighters have room to do their job. When that eventuality […]

Home Hardening Is a Job for All Seasons

More and more, fire seems to be setting its own seasonal schedule, making any time the right time to work on making your home fire-safe. What is “home hardening?” Home hardening is the process of making your home as fire-unfriendly as possible, making it “hard” for fire to cause damage. It can be a big […]

Defensible Space Inspections Can Save Lives

If you live in unincorporated Butte County, this information is for you! Defensible space inspections are required by law to make sure you’re doing all you can to protect your home and property from wildfire.  What is a defensible space inspection? Defensible space inspections are official visits, conducted by fire safety experts, intended to make […]

Beauty + Planning = Fire-Smart Landscaping

Being fire-smart doesn’t mean you can’t have a lovely yard. Fire-smart means planting smart. Fire-smart landscaping is more than just keeping your yard well-manicured and free of debris. There are definitely points for neatness (e.g., getting rid of dead and fallen branches and keeping up with pruning are important to safety) but by simply choosing […]