Tips for Having Fire-safe Summer Fun

Enjoy the warm weather while keeping our community safe Remember when we talked about how to avoid starting winter fires during the holidays? Well, it’s time to move our discussion into the hot weather of summer and take a look at how to say fire-safe while enjoying your favorite seasonal activities. Check out these tips […]

Four Days Left to Burn in Butte County

Beginning June 17, 2024, all burn permits are suspended for outdoor residential burning within the State Responsibility Area of Butte County due to hotter, drier conditions in the region. If you plan on burning yard debris, make sure you do it this weekend! As of Monday, June 17, all burn permits are suspended until further […]

Understanding Defensible Space: Zone 0

The five feet around your house should stop embers in their tracks It’s warming up in Butte County! We’re sure the first thing on your mind isn’t maintaining your defensible space, but this is really a prime time for thinking about it. It’s hot and dry out there, and if something were to trigger a […]

How to Prepare for Your Defensible Space Inspection

Keep your home safe and ready for inspection at any time Defensible space is intended to discourage the start and spread of fire on your property, and Butte County is required to conduct defensible space inspections. Yes, defensible space inspections are required by law—but don’t get nervous. They’re not “gotcha” inspections; they’re designed to help […]