Slopes Require Wider Defensible Space

Give your property the space it needs to keep you safe If you live on a sloping property, you already know how much work goes into maintaining it. But did you know living on a slope also raises your level of risk during a wildfire? Heat rises. That means fire, a.k.a. concentrated heat, will rise […]

Creating Defensible Space Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

Protect your home with what you already have “Defensible space” can sound intimidating, as if it requires digging moats and building castle-style walls around your split-level. But defensible space is more about creating space than it is about building defenses. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and it can easily be a DIY project. It’s […]

What is a prescribed burn?

The importance of a controlled burn Let’s start with a quiz. Fill in the blank: Prescribed burning is…? a) holding your temper during a heated family dinner argument.b) swearing only in your head when a lousy umpire calls your kid out at first.c) using fire to control vegetation for sound environmental purposes. Okay, a case […]

How to become a Firewise community

Don’t Just Be Fire-Safe; Be “Firewise” Did you know: The National Fire Protection Association has a program called Firewise USA®, which helps individual communities become recognized Firewise communities. A Firewise community can be certified if a designated leader in that community fills out a risk assessment and action plan and submits the application, regardless of […]

Winter Fire Safety: 6 Ways to Prevent Fire in Cold & Rainy Weather

Prevent Wildfire Year-Round by Avoiding These Hazards True or False: You don’t have to be concerned about fires when it’s raining or snowing outside. Answer: False. Although it may be cold and wet outside, it’s warm and dry inside your house, so that alone is a reason to stay fire-aware all year round. But there […]

Give the Gift of “Go”: Holiday Gift Ideas

Nothing says “happy holidays” more than protection and peace of mind You might not think of Be Ready, Butte! as a source for holiday gift ideas, but you might be surprised. Celebrate a fire-safe holiday season by helping friends and family “Get ready to be ready” in the event of a fire. The following four […]

Valuable Lessons We Learned from the Camp Fire

As we reflect on five years, refresh your memory on fire safety The infamous Camp Fire happened five years ago, but the memory of it is still strong throughout Butte County. Many people died, more than 18,000 structures were destroyed, and the towns of Paradise and Concow were nearly obliterated—all due to an electrical line […]

NVADG: Helping Butte County by Helping Their Animals

Caring for the Evacuation Needs of Animals, Large and Small In the 1990s, two Butte area residents passed away during a wildfire because they refused to evacuate without their animals. Determined to never see this happen again, former City of Chico firefighter John Maretti founded the non-profit known as North Valley Animal Disaster Group (NVADG). […]