You have to GET ready to BE ready for wildfire.

Be Ready, Butte is a community-based initiative designed to suck the oxygen out of destructive wildfires through awareness, education, and mutual support.

Living in fear is unacceptable.

In Butte County, wildfires are inevitable. What isn’t inevitable is surrendering our homes and livelihoods to them.

It’s up to each of us to take responsibility to educate ourselves and our neighbors about fire safety, and to take every precaution to protect our homes, and our neighborhoods.

Fight fire with facts.

There’s an all-new, information-packed website under development.

But while we’re waiting for it to be launched, the info on this page may just save your life and the lives of friends, neighbors and family.

We’ve included some of the most essential fire safety tips from an excellent resource called Ready, Set, Go.

Start protecting your home from fire today.

Set up lines of defense

Establish a fire-discouraging perimeter around your home:

The first 5 feet matter most

  • Replace wood mulch or loose landscape bark with gravel or pavers
  • Remove dry, dead vegetation
  • Clean up yard debris like branches, leaves or needles
  • Remove branches hanging over your roof
  • Make sure branches are more than 10 feet from chimneys and stove pipes
  • Keep trash/recycling containers elsewhere
  • Move firewood well away from the house

Extend safety measures to your property line

  • Keep trees more than 10 feet apart at the branches
  • Consider non-woody, low-growing plants
  • Mow annual grass to a maximum height of 4 inches.
  • Leave horizontal room between shrubs and trees
  • Create vertical space between shrubs and lower tree branches
  • Store firewood on a dirt patch; 10 feet of unplanted clearance in all directions

Lock fire out of your house

As with any intruder, preventing wildfire embers from finding a way in is key:

Look for ways you may be inviting fire in

  • Keep vegetation and debris away from your roof, windows, deck, and gutters
  • Replace traditional wood roofs and exterior woodwork with fire-resistant materials
  • Use fire-resistant material for new building, including decks
  • Repair dry rot, gaps, or cracks in your home’s exterior
  • Use 1/8 vent mesh and metal window screens to keep embers from entering your home
  • Do all yard maintenance that requires a gas or electrical motor before 10 a.m. Not in the heat of the day, or when the wind is blowing!

If you see smoke, get information.

Follow these two primary sources:

Butte County
Fire Department Twitter

Latest information. Find out if there is an actual fire or simply a prescribed burn happening.

Butte County
Sheriff’s Twitter

Evacuation information.

In case of evacuations, know your zone.

Don’t take action without solid information:

A zone system for evacuations has been put into place for Butte County. You can easily check to see if an evacuation has been ordered in your area.

Click below to find your zone using this simple mapping tool.

GET ready. BE ready.
Stay informed.

Sign up for important information and action items:

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GET ready. BE ready.
Stay informed.

Enter your email to find out more about wildfire in your area, and how to be ready this fire season.